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The APP is only for our product Bluetooth E-Cigarette.

APP Main interface functions: 
One more puff: When the puffs exceed what you plan, even if you press the button on E-cigarette and blue LED blink, you can not vape any more. If you still want one more puff, please click "One more puff"
Vape setting: Combining with behavioral science and psychology and according to smoking years, it provides a reasonable quitting plan for you to vape regularly as plan.
Power: According to personal preference, you can adjust output power by yourself, which will produce different amount of vaping and bring different vaping experience;
Battery: APPVAPE displays remaining battery power, you can know battery status well and charge E-cigarette in time. 
Resistance: It can detect and show resistance for current connected atomizer.
Vape Data: Real-time record each vaping time, and display the time from last vaping, help you understand your own vaping status.

“Operation” interface functions:
Power:Turn on “Power”,you can adjust the output power in main interface.
Bluetooth:Once click “Bluetooth”, it will start searching for device. 
Statistics: This is a statistic for one week, one month or all the time you had vaped, which can clearly reflect your vaping status.
Plan password: You can set or change your own password to protect personal privacy.
Set ble device:You can change name for E-cigarette, also can bind this E-cigarette with mobile phone(once bond,your device can’t be searched by other mobile phone)
Init. data: After reinstalling APP, the original setting data and vaping history data will be stored on the phone, if you want to clear these data, click the "Init data".(Applicable for IOS only)
About us:Show company name, website, software version, manual etc.

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